Railroad Grading and Erosion Control

knapprailroadbuilders_logoGrade and erosion control is a service Knapp Railroad Builders offers that covers a broad range of projects and requirements. Whatever your needs for grade and erosion control, Knapp’s services has the right equipment to support your project.

We can work with your crews or operate independently to complete your track grading and erosion control projects. Our excavators perform a wide range of tasks, including ditching and culvert work, excavation and construction of drains, and other drainage systems. We also perform ballast retention systems to minimize ballast erosion and slippage.

Knapp is the right choice whether your project calls for grading, bringing in fill dirt, hauling out waste materials, or clearing debris from culverts and creek beds around your track system.

With our strategically positioned locations and experienced railroad operators, Knapp’s heavy hardware can integrate with your crews and expand your ability to complete all the track projects you need to get done.

As you program your grading projects, call 414.672.4270 and talk to one of our business professionals to see how Knapp can assist with design of your next track grading project. We also can extend your track maintenance resources and help restore your tracks to their full capabilities.