Industrial Rail and Track Construction

shutterstock_130736627Knapp Railroad Builders can tackle jobs of any size for your industrial rail and new track construction needs.

Our team is built around the understanding that every job, no matter the size, is important. As such, we are dedicated to providing superior service to our customers; from large jobs that last several months, to that quick fix that needs to be done at a moments notice. We have staff on hand that can address emergencies that come up throughout any time of day.

New track construction jobs can be handled to fit your business needs and timelines. We are very comfortable taking over an existing project plan from an engineer or starting from the beginning with a new team. Our focus is getting the job done correctly the first time to meet your exact needs. Our experience in new track construction is our greatest asset; we can make sure that everything will be working correctly from the beginning, for years to come.

Our engineers, project managers, and site crews are very comfortable working on their own or with your team members to get the job done. We understand that every organization is different and requirements can change throughout the project. Knapp Railroad Builders has foremen and supervisors on every job to make sure your needs are met and you are informed on what is going on from day one until the job is complete and everyone is satisfied.

Our services include:

  • New track construction
  • Track maintenance
  • Inspection and rehabilitation
  • Engineering
  • Track repair
  • Same day or next day service for Emergencies or Derailments