Knapp railroad builders was presented with the Silica project in mid 2012 with a very tight deadline. Knapp was not only able to complete the thousands of feet of track on-time, but was able to meet the high standards that Superior Silica has for all of their rail project requirements. Knapp enlisted several members of their team to work concurrently on all aspects of the project in order to get it done before the first carload of sand was ready for shipment.

Knapp understood the importance of getting this done on time because of the high demand of the Frac sand industry. Superior Silica is one of many customers Knapp Railroad has obtained because of their stellar service record, quality work and on-time completion.

We not only finish on time, but the quality is what sets us apart.

Others will say they can do it, but we can show it time after time. Not only complete projects efficiently,  we stand behind our work 100%.

Here are some basic stats for the job that we did at Superior Silica Sands:

  • Over 20,000 feet of track
  • Multiple Switches
  • Track work in a concrete loading area
  • Earth brumes
  • ballast, raise, and tamping track