Railroad Crossing Construction

shutterstock_124179664According to the Federal Railroad Administration, trains travel across more than 212,000 highway-rail grade crossings in the United States every day. Railroad crossings are some of the most heavily trafficked stretches of track, suffering constant wear from cars and trucks as well as trains.

When a crossing needs to be demolished and replaced, you need a contractor with experience in railroad crossing construction, along with certified personnel and the equipment needed to do the job.

Knapp Railroad Builders has decades of experience with demolishing and installing railroad crossings at rail yards and on the right-of-way. Some of the tasks we perform as part of railroad crossing construction include:

  • Demolish old crossing
  • Remove old track panel and install new track panel
  • Cut road’s ballast to sub grade
  • Grading
  • Clean surface of loose materials
  • Lay and roll new asphalt
  • Dispose of old gravel, asphalt and other materials
  • Railroad crossing construction projects are often performed in conjunction with asphalt projects and road construction projects.

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